I’m Miles Halter. I Help Bloggers Build Their Dream Blog.

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I started the Blogging Mindset Podcast to help bloggers develop productive habits, routines, and clarity. 

Blogging is not easy, and I want to help bloggers like you overcome the hurdles and problems that I’ve encountered in my own blogging journey.

Because most bloggers are busy creating content I decided to make the Blogging Mindset a simple, daily podcast so you can learn on the go. Being a busy blogger myself, I find that it’s easier to make time for a podcast, rather than a blog post or YouTube video.

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How do I know anything about blogging?

Learning about blogging, content creation, digital marketing, website design, and the whole 9 yards came from a wide variety of sources.

  • YouTube channels including Darrel Wilson, Income School, and Liam James Kay
  • Udemy courses about digital marketing, website design business, affiliate marketing, and social media
  • Podcasts. My three favorites are Niche Pursuits, The Side Hustle Show (which you may know as Side Hustle Nation), and the Josh Hall Web Design Business Podcast
  • I am a member of Income School (Project 24)
  • I read some blogs including Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation, the Ahrefs blog, and Backlinko
  • I read some books. My favorite is Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss
  • I’ve taken freelance writing courses by Holly Johnson and Elna Cain, which also translate well to blogging and content creation
  • I’m a Medium member and I love reading articles from a wide variety of authors on there.

Most importantly, I’ve learned the most about blogging and content marketing by actively working on a blog. Doing something is the best way to learn!

Topics discussed on The Blogging Mindset Podcast



Find the motivation you need to keep blogging.



Learn how to make time for your blog and your life.



There are so many income streams for blogs, and I cover them all.


Content Creation

From keyword research to content ideation, I’ve got you covered.


Self Improvement

Improving your overall lifestyle will lead to improvements in your blog and business.


Branding and Design

Building a brand is key to standing out in today’s blogging era.


Tools and Resources

My favorite tools and resources, and no BS.


Building an Audience

Connect with your audience and capture more leads.